2018 Electric Rates Unchanged; Water Rates Adjust with Growth

Shakopee has experienced both residential and commercial growth in recent years. Additional water piping, valves, hydrants, water tanks, pump houses and booster stations have been required to support the growth.  With this expanded infrastructure comes increased operational expenses.

To offset the additional costs required to maintain the water system and provide the same quality product customers of Shakopee enjoy and expect, SPU water usage rates, including the Reconstruction Charge, have been adjusted.

Effective with the January 2018 billing statement, due February 15th, new water rates for residential and non-residential customers will be implemented.

Residential Impact Examples:

Gallons Used Incremental Cost per Month
2,000 $0.50
4,000 $1.00
6,000 $1.55

The 2018 Water Rates brochure is available on this website.  Specific, non-residential customer rates can be found there.

If you have any questions regarding the increase please contact SPU at 952.445-1988 and ask for the Water Department.


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