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Today’s power outage on the E/SE end of town occurred as a result of an Xcel transformer issue at the Blue Lake Substation.  A squirrel climbed on one of the rails, shorting an insulator which in turn caused too much electrical flow into the transformer.  As a safety precaution, the transformer has a breaker that trips and can be reset once the fault is cleared.


The Blue Lake substation is the one substation within our service territory where Xcel Energy steps down the power and we distribute it from there.  Xcel was able to restore their transformer and in turn we were able to restore power to affected SPU customers.  The issue was resolved in less than an hour with no need to reroute any customers to a different SPU substation.


SPU is experiencing a power outage along Stagecoach Road, from Hwy 101 to Co Rd 18 south of Co Rd 16.  Crews are working to restore service.  More details to follow.

Disconnect Notices

Effective March 31, 2017, in an effort to provide additional communications to our customers who are at risk for disconnection of service, SPU will proactively post general notices about disconnect schedules on the SPU website and SPU Facebook page.

No personal information will be shared.  Individual notices will continue to be mailed via USPS.

Information regarding SPU’s monthly disconnection policy can be viewed in the link below.

Disconnect Policy and Example

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