Monthly Archives: September 2016

Notice to Customers

NOTICE:   The utility bill you just received may be higher than you expected because it contains usage from the hotter months of summer. 

How can that be?   This bill (due October 17) reflects meter readings collected mid-August through mid-September.  The readings reflect customer usage for the 30-35 days prior, mid-July to mid-August.   

While it was not an extremely hot summer, it was very humid and AC units were running.  Additionally, the cost of power is more expensive during these peak periods.  The increased cost from our power provider, MMPA, is reflected in the Power Cost Adjustment line on your utility bill. 

If you were sprinkling or using your irrigation system during this same timeframe, you will see the increase reflected in the water portion of your utility bill as well. 

If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact SPU at 952-445-1988 for assistance. 

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