Frozen Water Services Update

I am sure that many of you have been seeing on the news and reading in newspapers that the Midwest is having an unusually high number of water service lines freezing.  Weeks of subzero temperatures has pushed the frost in the ground deeper than usual.  Where we might normally see frost at the 4 to 5 foot depth, we now see 6 to 8 foot depths.  Some cities are having many water main breaks every day and hundreds of frozen services to their customers.  That is NOT the case in Shakopee.  So far this winter we have only had 1 main break that is attributed to frost.  Out of 10,956 service lines there have only been 13 frozen services.  The City Engineers Association of Minnesota specifies that water mains and service lines be placed 7 feet below the surface.  Shakopee places mains and services at 7-1/2 feet.  We feel that this extra half of a foot is helping to prevent freeze ups.

The question of letting your water run to prevent freezing has been asked.  Since the customer owns their entire service out to the water main, letting a small stream of water run from a tap is an option if you feel the need to prevent a frozen service.  The cost of the water would certainly be much less than the cost of a plumber but we have not seen the need for this yet.  We will immediately post a notice on our website and contact the media should the number of frozen services rise suddenly.  You may also be interested in some steps to follow to avoid frozen pipes inside your home.  Please click here for that information.


Lon Schemel
Water Superintendent

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Cold Weather Rule Goes Into Effect

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SPU Recognized for Ensuring Safe Drinking Water

Governor's AwardAs part of Safe Drinking Water Week, which was held May 5–11, SPU was one of three cities recognized by Governor Mark Dayton for their leading efforts to protect the source of drinking water in their area. Governor Dayton stated that these cities serve as an example to other communities of how local involvement by land owners, community residents and government can lead to innovative and effective implementation of source water protection efforts. Their activities improve the likelihood that drinking water sources will not be adversely affected either by potential sources of contamination or by the unwise use of water resources.

“Safe drinking water is no accident,” said Minnesota Health Commissioner Ed Ehlinger. “Many dedicated professionals work together to treat and test the water and maintain the infrastructure. Because of their work, we can have confidence in the quality of the water that comes out of our taps.” Everyone, however, plays a role in keeping water safe, Ehlinger noted. “We all need to be involved in helping to protect our drinking water sources from contamination.”

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Imposter and Phone Scam Articles

Please read the article from the Savage Pacer from July 12th, 2013 about an imposter posing as a power company employee.

Please read this article from the Shakopee Valley News from November 12th, 2013 about a similar phone scam.


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Online Bill Pay

SPU customers have the option to pay their bill by debit card, credit card or electronic check. Credit cards accepted include Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

Paymentus, an independent third-party automated service, will charge a $3.95 service fee for handling and processing the payment. SPU does not receive any portion of the service fee. (Only payments made through Paymentus will incur a fee. Automatic Bill Pay will continue to be a free service.)

To pay your bill online, go to the upper right corner of the webpage and click on the Online Bill Pay button. You will be redirected to Paymentus’ secure website.

To make a payment, you’ll need:

  1. Your SPU account number. (Can be found on your most recent billing statement.)
  2. Your credit card, debit card or checking account information.
  3. An email address

This service is also available by phone. Simply call 1-855-381-2688.

If your account is subject to disconnection or has been disconnected for non-payment, please contact SPU at 952.445.1988 with your payment confirmation number. Additional charges will apply.

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