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There have been recent discussions regarding electric rates for customers of SPU.

There has not been an increase in the SPU electric energy rate since 2012.

The SPU electric service charge increased by $1.00/month in 2016 which was the first increase since 2008.

John Crooks – Utilities Director

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Notice to Customers

NOTICE:   The utility bill you just received may be higher than you expected because it contains usage from the hotter months of summer. 

How can that be?   This bill (due October 17) reflects meter readings collected mid-August through mid-September.  The readings reflect customer usage for the 30-35 days prior, mid-July to mid-August.   

While it was not an extremely hot summer, it was very humid and AC units were running.  Additionally, the cost of power is more expensive during these peak periods.  The increased cost from our power provider, MMPA, is reflected in the Power Cost Adjustment line on your utility bill. 

If you were sprinkling or using your irrigation system during this same timeframe, you will see the increase reflected in the water portion of your utility bill as well. 

If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact SPU at 952-445-1988 for assistance. 

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Water Saving Rewards

SPU has recently been awarded a water grant from the Metropolitan Council.  With this grant, SPU will be offering new rebates for high-efficiency, water saving products.  New rebate form can be found to the right, under 2016 Rebates.

Eligible products include:

Replacement Clothes Washer – must replace an existing machine and be Energy Star labeled. Can be combined with Electric rebate.

Replacement Toilet – must replace an existing toilet, it must be WaterSense labeled.

Replacement Irrigation Controller which must be WaterSense labeled.

These rewards can not be used on new installations, only replacements.

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Vehicle Fair

SPU attended the Vehicle Fair on May 19th at the Shakopee Senior High School. We brought our bucket truck and the Digger Derrick (auger) truck. The kids loved them! We had a constant flow of climbers and horn honkers! What a fun night for all. Thank you for organizing Shakopee Community Education.

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Imposter and Phone Scam Articles

Please read the article from the Savage Pacer from July 12th, 2013 about an imposter posing as a power company employee.

Please read this article from the Shakopee Valley News from November 12th, 2013 about a similar phone scam.


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