SPU is Committed to Lighting the Way

 SPU is committed to lighting the way to a sustainable energy future.As a member of Minnesota Municipal Power Association (MMPA), SPU along with 10 other municipally owned utility providers are demonstrating a tremendous promise for the future.

Currently, 15% of SPU’s electricity is generated from renewable energy.”We’re confident we’re making the right decisions to reach, and possibly exceed, the state mandate of 25 by 25,” said John Crooks, SPU’s Manager.”A big part of meeting the goal is our involvement with wind and biogas technology.”

In 2007, the Minnesota legislature adopted The Next Generation Energy Act, known as “25 by 25,” which requires that 25% of electricity be generated through renewable resources by the year 2025.

Oak Glen Wind Farm

In December, 2011, MMPA’s Oak Glen Wind Farm, the largest municipally owned wind farm in Minnesota, began operation on a 3,000 acre agricultural site in Blooming Prairie, MN.

“The 24 turbines at Oak Glen Wind Farm generate 44 megawatts of electricity annually,” John stated.”That’s enough energy to power approximately 14,000 homes each year.”

Hometown BioEnergy

MMPA’s Hometown BioEnergy facility is an important component in the commitment toward local, sustainable energy production.

In January, 2014, the Hometown BioEnergy facility—an innovative, 8 megawatt biogas facility—located in LeSueur, MN, began producing electricity from farm and food processing waste.The facility, which uses anaerobic digester technology, is the largest of its type in the U.S.

“The BioEnergy facility allows us to store the biogas produced from the digestion process and use it to generate electricity when it can be sold to the power grid for the most effective return on investment,” said John.”This allows SPU to maintain low rates for our customers.Plus, we’re proud of the fact that SPU customers have only a small exposure to coal generated electricity, and we’re committed to having virtually no exposure in the near future,” John concluded.

15% of SPU’s electricity is currently generated from renewable energy sources.

John Crooks, SPU Manager


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Imposter and Phone Scam Articles

Please read the article from the Savage Pacer from July 12th, 2013 about an imposter posing as a power company employee.

Please read this article from the Shakopee Valley News from November 12th, 2013 about a similar phone scam.


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Online Bill Pay

SPU customers have the option to pay their bill by debit card, credit card or electronic check. Credit cards accepted include Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

Paymentus, an independent third-party automated service, will charge a $3.95 service fee for handling and processing the payment. SPU does not receive any portion of the service fee. (Only payments made through Paymentus will incur a fee. Automatic Bill Pay will continue to be a free service.)

To pay your bill online, go to the upper right corner of the webpage and click on the Online Bill Pay button. You will be redirected to Paymentus’ secure website.

To make a payment, you’ll need:

  1. Your SPU account number. (Can be found on your most recent billing statement.)
  2. Your credit card, debit card or checking account information.
  3. An email address

This service is also available by phone. Simply call 1-855-381-2688.

If your account is subject to disconnection or has been disconnected for non-payment, please contact SPU at 952.445.1988 with your payment confirmation number. Additional charges will apply.

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MMUA the Power of Community

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